19 December 2013,

Sasha and us to Morocco

Sunday 21/9/13 mileage 184379 Start with overland travel show.

Left at 8.00 am, nice day to drive down to Edinburgh on motorway. Then onto A68 – A1 to Fenny Bentley Caravan Park meet up with Kieren and Hayly + roxey Hayly cooked us a great meal, next morning had a look at their camper series 2a ambulance on a 110 chassis cab, then on to the show.  Show was at Stratford race course, to start setting up, we stopped at an ASDA load up with food, weather was a bit overcast, and when we arrived there was a caravan rally on till Thursday, but we were able to work around them.

Tuesday, tuggy arrived and we started to set out pitches, Tom made a few mistakes but was sorted in the end, Pamela and Nigel

Wednesday, carry on setting out, slipped up with woodland way that had a bigger marquee so had to put them in behind the food area, got the graft marquee and 4x4 club pitches.

Thursday, finishing of Ty arrived to sort out camping field and trader’s started to arrive.

Friday, most traders in and campers coming in right up to 11pm, after that they were put in day visitors car park and sorted them next day.

Saturday, Dilys in office all day me and tuggy here and there, some people not happy with the pitch so got them moved.

Sunday, Dilys and me got to have a look around, nice sunny day, most people packing away to go home, so start to tidy up, a lot of people helped.

Monday, finished tidying up Sheila of home, Tom took us and Ralf friend of Toms who helped, out for a meal,

Into first pub we did not like it so walked out, into second Dilys ordered gammon with pineapple, we ordered steak but was told none left, so ordered same as Dilys, waiter came back to say no pineapple, so again walked out into third and we all had a great meal.

Tuesday, had a fuel leak so called AA not too bad, but was told to make a bigger bracket for fan belt, has no more adjustment, so of to Basildon to see Maureen and, Ian came home and fixed the bracket for fan belt, had a fish supper then of to Dover for the ferry arrived early.

Wednesday, 2,15am ferry to Calais of ferry and find a place for a sleep, drive down to Roan.  Mileage 185312. 

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