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The first trip was down to the HUBB overland show, we went early to help in the set up, then I was helping on the gate a few hours some days and Dilys was doing first aid cover for a few days.
It was a great show more motor bikes than 4x4s, as the ( HUBB UK 2013 Donington Park - 30th May to 2nd June ) is mostly for overlanding with bikes, but this year decided to include 4x4 travel's.
The speakers they had were mainly talking about thier travels, their were a few for 4x4 people as well.  Met and made some freinds, and will be going back next year.

After the show we went down to Tom from the ( Free forum : 4x4's, Overland Travel, Off Road, Touring and  Camping  ) to see about the overland show we will be doing in September, so had a look at the site will be a great show, make a point of comming if you can.

Then we drove up to Blakpool to see our daughter and grandaughter, then went and saw a dave who is building a camping/bunkhouse place for travelers, also a off road course, he did a roadkill demo at the HUBB show trying to get him for next year at our show.  Then to Edinbugh to see son and daughter, son cooked us a good meal, next day up to see son number 3 for a cupper and chat, then home. 
We did approx 1200 miles, motor whent well.

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