Was bought as a camper, we rescued her from a field been their for 9 years.  To do a expetition to find Snow Leoparods in Russia.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will now not  be going.

But we will get to China one day, watch this space.

So we will be doing trips around the UK, and doing some LR shows, and other's.

Well Sasha now has a mot, tax, insurance.  So first trip is to an Overland show, HUBB we will be going down on Sunday 26/05/13 to help set up, show open 30/05/13.
Will be away for 2 weeks, will try an update if we get wifi connection.
We had a great time setting up, and helping out, made some new friends, will be going back next year.

Next show was Adventure Overland show 27/9/13, we set off early 23/9/13 to start setting up, and getting all ready, was a great sucses every body I spoke to had a good time, except a few but you can not please everbody.

Stright after the show we set off for a trip to Morocco, driveing down through France Spain and Potugal, and back to Spain campsite at Tarifa, ready for 4 outher vehacals to meet up, then going to Algecires for the ferry to Morocco.

Sadly Sasha now departed.


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